Sunday, February 24, 2013


Zeb has always had a thing where he uses his own hair to soothe himself. Where the other two boys used to pull my hair or slap me while nursing, Zeb would gently pull at the back of his own hair. He continued to do that once weaned to a bottle. Then at some point in the past few months it evolved into twirling his own hair around his finger while drinking his bottle (don't judge). Then in the past few weeks he's started doing it so much that he gives himself a nasty little knotted clump of a toddler dreadlock back there:

If that wasn't enough evidence that we need to give him a real little boy haircut sooner rather than later, last night shortly after being put to bed we hear him crying and yelling "help help, knot!"  We go in there, and he's twirled his finger into his hair to the point where it's stuck and the tip has turned purple!  Nic went and got the scissors to cut the knot but managed to untangle the poor finger at the last second. 
In other dysfunctional use of your own body news, Eli lost his fifth tooth this weekend (bottom right of center incisor).  He swallowed the first three, then finally managed to not ingest the fourth one.  Unfortunately, this didn't start a trend, and tooth number five is currently hanging out somewhere in Eli's guts along with the first three (well actually I hope the first three have already been digested, otherwise there may be a problem down the line). 
And in precious Wolfie news, while Nic was at the store with Eli and Zeb was napping today, Wolfie randomly requested paper and scissors and tape.  Then half an hour later, he emerged from his room with tiny little Valentines for the whole family (except for Opal, but then he remembered and made one for her, too).  Weirdly, mine was addressed to "Mommy" while Nic's was addressed to "Nick."  Hmmm. 

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