Friday, February 8, 2013

Opal eight weeks, Nemo, and the Fresh File

Look who's eight weeks old!  I love any outfit with mitts.  Why didn't I discover the cuteness of baby mitts with the boys?  I thought mitts only came on newborn and 0-3 month clothes, but when I went shopping with Eli last weekend for shirts, I found footie pajamas with mitts in size 3-6 months.  Score!

I've really been noticing these past few days how grown up Zeb is getting.  His face is thinning out, I think he's gotten even taller, and he's talking and answering questions like a real little kid.  It's crazy, and also a little sad because I feel like with the baby I've been missing so much with him.  But I was starting to slowly emerge from my neonatal cocoon until the norovirus quarantine two weeks ago.  Now I'm starting to emerge again.  I'd better get ready, because all the help we're getting is quitting in March!  Anyway, last night I was hanging out with the boys and making Opal talk to them like she was a puppet and they were loving it.  Zeb had me going back and forth from him to Eli saying "I love you Eli!  I love you Zeb!"  Anything to make them laugh! 

Nic brought home a king cake for dessert (this year makes nine years gone from New Orleans without returning - sigh) and told me Wolfie desparately wanted the plastic baby in his piece.  It was just kind of taped to the box, so I smooshed it in up to the head in a sparkly green slice, because Wolfie still likes green the best.  He was psyched.  My mom asked if it was a boy or a girl and I said neither, then she looked at it and it appeared to have some sort of projectile genitalia, so we declared it a boy with undescended testicles.  Wolfie named it Josh, I don't know why.

Eli this morning tells me "You have a manly voice for a lady, Mommy!"  Thanks, kid.

Nic's parents and sister are supposed to be coming in this weekend, but Nemo is supposed to be some sort of historic winter super storm (aren't they always).  Oh my gosh if we lose power again I'm going to lose my freakin' mind.  We lost power twice this winter already for brief periods of time, and I swear I had PTSD flashing back to Sandy and the three days we spent in the dark with no heat and everybody sick with bad colds and me in my eighth month pregnant with Opal.  Except at least then it was only autumn and not that cold, and better to have a baby in the belly with no heat than to have one out of the belly with no heat, and we sleep in the coldest room of the house.  Grrr.  At least we're on the outskirts of the predicted path, and if we lose power it probably won't be for that long. 

Just heard Emily's out for this weekend.  That sucks!  I made reservations for Sunday at the tea house we went to with her two years ago.  I hope at least Grandma Susanna can make it so Opal can have her first real tea party!

Oh meanwhile I should probably put up some pictures of Eli in his new pants and shirts.  Did I mention half the reason we went shopping for new shirts last weekend was because he was wearing the same four or five shirts over and over and refusing all other shirts for months until I hid them in our closet for the second half of January?  And at least one of those shirts is comically small and makes him look like Steve Urkel, especally since he insists on tucking it in?  So I said if he went two weeks without wearing them I'd take him out to buy new shirts.  Whenever we particularly like an outfit in this house, we take a picture for the "Fresh File."  No wonder Eli is so fashion-conscious!  But you must admit that ZZ Top was correct in proclaiming the tendency for females to become mentally unstable in the presence of males with well-tailored wardrobes. 

Some recent Fresh File pics of Eli in his new clothes:

Taken near the bathroom when I realized he matches the bathroom.
And here's one of Zeb from the Super Bowl when he passed out in front of Beyonce with a plate full of chickens:

And while I'm crapping out pictures, here's one of Wolfie eating my Downton Abbey indulgence, a mini M&M pretzel.  No matter how many other delicious treats are in the house, even if Wolfie likes them more, if he sees these pretzels he whines and whines and complains about how "awww, I never even tried one" (lies).  Can't a lady have bon bons to herself?  Guess not:

And one more picture, Opal's first definite on-camera incidences of smiling:

Jeez, I gotta figure out what my picture allowance is on here, don't wanna go over it in the first month of blogging!


  1. Love all the pictures--those are some well-dressed kiddos! I especially like Opal's outfit with the big flowers.

    Hope your MIL was able to come.

  2. Thanks A! The big flower outfit is one of my favorites, too. The onesie was a gift from Aunt Sally - it's marimekko, bought in the Danish airport on her way back from Sweden this Christmas. One of the perks of having a jet-setting aunt!

    MIL, FIL, and suprisingly SIL were all able to come. Off to tea in a bit!