Sunday, February 24, 2013

Opal ten weeks

I meant to make her wear this for her nine week picture, which was the day before Valentine's Day, but I forgot.  It's just as good for her ten week, because it was taken on Mommy and Daddy's eight year wedding anniversary!  Nic and Opal and I went to one of those Brazilian steakhouse places that Nic had apparently been wanting to try.  It was okay, but I doubt we'll be returning any time soon.  We each had a capirinha, which were delicious but tiny and they did this whole drawn-out complicated show of making them tableside that made it so you didn't want to order another one and put the bartender through all that BS again.  Nic still owes me an anniversary trip!  He did send me a really nice bouquet, though:
I think from here on out I'll be posting Opal's weekly pics in four week clusters.  It'll increase the impact and feel more timely that way.  Here's one more adorable picture of Opal laughing that I absolutely need to share:

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