Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekly Opal photos - the first seven weeks

My friend Jyl has been doing this awesome thing with her almost seven month old son since he was one week old.  She made all these onesies (or maybe is still making them?) with iron-ons saying how many weeks old he is, and she takes a picture of him every Monday wearing the onesie for that week.  She's going to do it for the whole first year and then make the pictures into a little book.  How cool is that? 
I didn't have the foresight to do the onesie thing ahead of time, but then that first Wednesday home from the hospital when Opal turned one week old I remembered Jyl's project and got all teary thinking "I want to do that for Opal but we don't have the onesies!"  So we improvised with index cards and using the same blanket (though I think Jyl must use multiple blankets because you never see the edges of the blankets in her pictures but it's already hard to avoid picturing the edges in our pictures and Opal isn't even two months old).
Anyway, here are Opal's weekly photos from the first seven weeks.  We usually take them Wednesday night after the boys are in bed, so I'll try to post new ones on Thursday from now on.
 Our first favorite outfit of hers - the sleeves turn into mitts that make her look like a little Mii!
 She barfed on the first matching cardigan, so this one doesn't match as well
Whoops - repeat dress from last week!

I love those pajamas - little elephants in Parisian scenes

 Holiday candy fun a few weeks past the season.  Oh well, her brothers wear Xmas pajamas all year, so can she.
These pajamas are so bright that when we bought them Nic thought they'd keep us up all night.  Also, giving a fist pump for finally looking less jaundiced in the face!
 Love those headbands!

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