Sunday, February 17, 2013

Opal nine weeks

Look at that cutie!  Meanwhile, just found out from my friend Jyl that she didn't print out 52 onesies with the week number.  She actually just puts her son in white onesies and then adds the week number on in some sort of photoshopping program afterwards.  How silly am I that I thought she printed out all those onesies ahead of time?!  So really I actually could have gone to Babies R Us the day Opal turned a week old, bought a pack of white onesies, and started up the week thing the same way Jyl did it!  Oh well, it may be less uniform than I'd like, but at least this way we're getting to put some cute outfits on display.

More on the in-law visit (sister-in-law ended up coming in after all!) and other stuff coming up shortly! 

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