Friday, April 5, 2013

Quick spring break pics, one week later

I know I've said this a time or two before, but things have been hectic around here!  Opal decided to start waking up in the middle of the night again and has been super clingy (she had been reliably napping without me holding her at least once a day for like half an hour, but the past week not so much) so I haven't had time to update.  So now that she's sleeping and Zeb is Mickey Mouse Clubhousing, I'll just do a quick couple of words and pics about last week's spring break, otherwise it's going to be summer break before I get another chance!

The first weekend of spring break, Eli had a birthday party and the middles went to visit Aunt Lizzy at the nature center where she volunteers.  It looked like this:


Then Monday, the first real day of spring break, was a gorgeous sunshiny spring day!  Oh wait, no it wasn't:

"It's like Cabo up in here!" - nobody ever
Legos were played with for hours at a time, pajamas were worn all day every day, and one brother hugged another brother willingly:

Then Wednesday, after I took Wolfie and Eli to get some overdue haircuts and soft pretzels,  Daddy took Mommy and Opal to Annapolis just to get away for the night to somewhere we'd never been.  The hotel room had a beautiful bay view:

And a smooshy little baby squirmer:

We ate giant soy and dairy free crabcakes (from a Man vs. Food vetted restaurant) in our room and drank some embarassing drinks (iced tea vodka and cherry vodka based) in the jacuzzi.  Then the next day we walked around some:

Then we bought the boys some souveniers and went home.  Big boys enjoying those souveniers:

In fact, Eli brought that moustache to school this week, put it on and called himself "Uncle Eli."  I couldn't be prouder.

It got nicer later in the week, so we took a family walk to the playground.  I was feeling guilty about almost never using my "Xmas present" Moby wrap, so instead of putting Opal in the Bugaboo with Zeb on the skateboard, we took Zeb in the crusty old sunscreen-stained Maclaren and I wore Opal in the Moby.  Here we are outside the house at the start of the walk, demonstrating how hard it is to get a decent picture of four kids at one time:

Then once we got to the playground, playground action shots:

Opal finally but only briefly asleep in the Moby:

And then Easter happened!  Legos and candy were received by the boys.  I was limited to Peeps and some grainy gross good storebrand jellybeans (though the Peeps may not be on the menu anymore since after this week's baby poo doc appointment I'm now off eggs and marshmallows sometimes have them).  Notice in this shot of the Easter baskets how we still have our sparkly non-denominational winter-themed twig display out due to laziness/preoccupation:

Of course that's a lot better than many folks in this area who still have wreaths and lights up.  One person down the street had a wreath up AND Easter decorations.  It's like, why wouldn't you take that opportunity to put the wreath away?  Adorable egg hunters:


Opal and I also visited my friend Amy, who was in town with her adorable toddler daughter and husband and dog visiting her parents for Passover.  It was awesome to catch up, especially with her mom who I hadn't seen in forever!  And to spend some time with a NICE doggie for a change (sorry Brumby, you know you're the worst). 

And now I've gotta go relieve Grandpa Teddy of stroller rolling duty, as this post has actually taken two breaks to write!  In other news, Opal found her toes this week.  I'll have to upload those pics another time!

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  1. I love all the pictures and the descriptions! Susanna