Friday, April 19, 2013

Opal 15-18 weeks

 She still likes swaddle sacks and mitty pajamas
Hi there smiley Woogalina!
My stripey baby girl Buddha
Bustin' out the unicorn Robeez for the first time - a bit too big yet, but the swan onesie is just right!
Someone is entering the baby golden days!  While breaking Mommy's arm from demanding to be constantly held!  I do have to admit, though, that while I complain about never getting a rest and having most of my meals spiced with desparate baby whining, most of me feels happy and honored and special that this sweet moogie oogie is so attached to me! 

I'm trying to figure out whether her eyes are going to stay blue.  Based on looking back at her brothers' pictures at this age, the two bigs had definitely started to turn brown by this age.  Blue-eyed Zeb's eyes were a little darker than hers but also bluer.  Her's are starting to get very light in the middle, even lighter than Zeb's were at this age, but they're kinda more gray than blue.  When she was born she was so dark and hairy I thought, there's no way this kid is going to have blue eyes.  Now as they've been getting lighter I've started to get attached to the idea that they'll be blue.  But our pediatrician keeps making cryptic comments about her eyes that make me think she thinks they're going to be light brown or hazel.  I wonder, do we have our first hazel-eyed kid, what with Daddy having hazel eyes?  Meh, I still hope they turn out blue!


  1. I just spent at least an hour reading all your posts that I missed!! For some reason they weren't being updated in my reader feed anymore, so I just assumed you stopped blogging! All that time on bed rest I could've been dedicatedly following along!

    Love the 17 week picture of Ms. Opal! She is adorable!