Friday, March 15, 2013

Toddlers are still preeshuss

I know I've been complaining a bit about Zeb on here lately, and he is working through the terrible twos still, no doubt (like how he woke up last night at 2:45, then again half an hour later; how does a three month old sleep better than a two year old?).  But the kid is still a little heartwarmer, that's for sure.  He had a cute day today.  First he was very helpful, wanting to carry all the baby barf rags in the laundry as soon as they got barfed upon and also closing the bathroom door in the hall upon request several times.  He kept saying "Be right back!" 

Then I gave him a small bowl of Kix (I think his appetite for Kix correlates to his behavior for the day - the hungrier for Kix, the more cheerful he is - because he hadn't been hungry for them in a few days).  He insisted on using a big person spoon to eat them, which of course led to a bunch of Kix all over the table.  So I asked him to put them back in the bowl, and he said "Okay!" (he always says that when you tell him to do something that he intends on doing, making him sound extremely agreeable) and put them back.  Then once they were cleaned up I said, okay now put them in your tummy.  So he lifted up his shirt and attempted to stick one right in his belly button!

Another cute thing he has been doing is he tries to impress Wolfie by yelling out "Tornado!" knowing that Wolfie loves tornadoes.  Wolfie, meanwhile, I recently turned on to old episodes of "The Crocodile Hunter."  I hope he starts doing an Australian accent.

Eli was impressive today in that he dressed in head to toe green completely on his own, which I think was suggested by school but not written down anywhere.  Have I mentioned the huge Lego airport project they have going on in the basement?  I got a good look at it today and Eli gave me an "interview" on it, and it's really impressive.  I love how Eli and Wolfie are working together and getting along now.  Hopefully now that I've said that Eli won't start refusing to sit next to him again! 

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