Monday, March 18, 2013

Look what the leprechauns left!

More precious than a pot o' gold!
Didn't get a chance to take pics on St. Patrick's Day itself as we were still recovering from the torture slog that was the Baltimore Aquarium, but I couldn't not put up a picture of Opal in this outfit! 
The clover tutu was actually purchased long before I was even pregnant with Opal.  Why did I buy this, you ask, when I'm not Irish and my kids are only one eighth?  Well, after Jennifer Garner used and thus popularized my old first choice girl name Violet back in 2005, Clover became my top choice name for a future daughter.  So a few times over the years, around St. Patrick's Day, if I happened to be in the kid's clothing section and saw something really cute in the girls' section with clovers on it, I'd get it.  I figured it didn't matter what size it was because if her name was Clover she could wear stuff with clovers on it at any time of the year. 
Well, once I was actually pregnant with a baby girl, the name Clover lost its appeal for various reasons.  So now Opal is going to be disproportionately representin' on St. Paddy's Day for a while to come!  Luckily, this baby-sized skirt actually fits her at the right time of year!

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