Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring break, soy vey

Last week was kind of hectic.  Nic's been having to stay later at work, and I've been trying to exercise more (who needs a gym when you've got two flights of stairs you can go up and down twenty times), so I don't have much time to sit down and write.  Another thing that made last week not so great is Opal's gastro doc told me I have to give up soy now.  At first I was really upset because soy oil and soy lecithin are in EVERYTHING.  But then I talked to the nurse a few days later to ask if I should reschedule the April follow-up appointment, and she said lecithin and oil don't have soy protein, which is the potential problem, so it's not as bad as I thought at first.  Takeout and restaurants will be difficult but not totally impossible.  So we retest in four weeks.  I tried quitting last Wednesday, but this morning after some internet research realized that these weird little guinea-pig-treat-like sunflower seed nuggets I've been eating may actually contain soy as they have "modified food starch" in them.  So today is my first real soy-free day.  That is, if I don't mess up again!

All the kids are home for the week for spring break.  Well, if you can even call it that what with the steady and slowly accumulating snowfall we've had all day.  The big boys are very into some sophisticated Lego building.  Just today Eli made an Olympic swimming stadium, Wolfie made a zoo habitat for a snake (of course), and then Eli made a Lego Franklin Institute.  And they insist on doing "Lego interviews," which is me recording them as they describe their masterpieces.  They're also doing stuff with the jenga-like wooden blocks Santa brought this past Christmas.  It's great to see them working so well together doing such imaginitive play. 

Another thing I enjoyed seeing recently - the boys competing to make Opal laugh.  Eli was dancing around naked before a bath and Opal was watching him and started laughing, and he got so excited and proud, insisting he was the first person to make her laugh (not true, but I sort of let him have it).  Then after he bragged to Wolfie, Wolfie came in and tried to get her to laugh too!  Even Zeb got into it! 

Opal has been trying so hard to "talk" lately.  She always has to be staring directly into a person's eyes at all times, and then in the afternoon and evening she'll just start gooing and gurgling at you.  And if you do it back, you can go back and forth for quite some time.  One big milestone reached last week - she rolled over!  I forgot how angry they get the first couple of times they do it!

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