Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beautiful birthday family album

Well, since I've been so remiss at posting lately and since I'm leaving in a couple of hours here with Nic to take Opal on her very first plane ride on a trip to Oregon to see one of Nic's old best friends get married, yet I have some pics that need urgent posting on here, I'm just going to leave the following "notes about cute kid stuff going on for me to write about when I get a minute to myself on the computer" pretty much unedited:

Wolfie holding Opal and saying "It looks like I'm going to the dentist," Wolfie saying "when I wanted a baby boy we had a baby boy, when I wanted a baby girl we had one" and him saying he wants twenty kids total in the family and another girl next, Opal grabbing poopie diaper during changing, Wolfie's wild shopping outfit old man suit while helping me find dress with Aunt Lizzy, Eli in the car line making me laugh hysterically by saying "what are those two legit moms doing?", naughty zeb dumping his full cereal bowl in the running dishwasher, Opal being close to sitting and scoot propelling herself and smiling at gpt

Bet you can't tell what this one refers to.

I do have to mention in non-notespeak that today is Wolfie's last day at his preschool, which of course is breaking his teacher's heart because she tells him literally every day he's her best student.  I don't think it's an exaggeration, either.  Mom told me that a few days ago when she picked him up, another student's mom came up and asked her what program Wolfie's parents used to get him to read so well.  The answer, of course, is fart humor and booty dancing and a self-selected steady diet of his own boogers, I mean, Wolfie's natural intelligence.  I don't want to think about this being our last time at our preschool we've been at since Eli too much or my tear ducts might explode. 

Won't we send the youngest two, you ask?  Well, as many of you know, we're trying to move out of the area this summer.  We thought the destination would be in place by now, but it's been a little more challenging this time around.  It doesn't matter for this school, because we aren't sending Zeb to school until the 2014-2015 school year anyway and I'm sure we'll be out of this area by then, but I do feel more than a little sheepish when it's still not 100% set that this summer move is happening but I hear about how Wolfie and the teacher talk like every day about him moving and then yesterday he comes home with a card saying "We'll Miss You Wolfie!" signed by all the kids in the class.  I mean, he's graduating anyway, but that's not what the card meant.  Gotta get these plans set already!!!!

Eli had his first grade spring show yesterday, which birthday boy Nic came home early for.  The theme was "Bugz" (almost typed "Butz," which is of course our daily life theme here), boys were army ants, girls were lady bugs.  He was nervous but smiley and proud:

We went to Rita's for water ice/gelati afterwards.  The boys had birthday cake cream ice with custard (aka a gelati).  I was surprised I was able to convince Woog to try ice, and he liked it, but Nic had to finish his.  They smelled wonderfully cupcakey, but me and my dairy-fearing-but-31-pounds-so-far-weight-loss-inducing diet couldn't partake (Woog gets his fruit flavor loathing from me; I'm a cream ice and gelati girl all the way).  Then we went to Pumpernick's Deli for Nic's birthday and got the same waitress we had on Mother's Day (gotta repeat these restaurants to go to wherever has my delightful dry turkey clubs on rye or the other two things I'm allowed to eat for dinner).  This time I did get the whitefish appetizer as well, so at least I changed it up a little.  Nic got double cake (chocolate at the restaurant and carrot at home) and shared with the boys, so we had two near-barf whine balloon gut boys last night, yet miraculously no beds full of ralph. 

And now, my raison d'blog this morning - the hideous head photo shoot.  I took this ridiculous picture of Zeb making one of his favorite awful photo faces:

Which reminded me that photos shot up close and from below are hideous and terrifying, so we took the following gorgeous family shots:

Beauty muppet

I'm the naked warning lady from the Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark book!

 Rotted out eyes on a sick dog
 Turtle man!
 Dental champion
 Lookin' gorgeous
Aliens could land in this Neanderthal's beard
Opal was asleep upstairs and thus did not join in the highly attractive fun.  Aunt Sally needs to be added to the roster as her muppetyness is sure to work well with the medium.

Gotta get ready to jet with this pretty lady, wish us bon voyage!

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